Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2021 Press Conference


From last year's predominantly online experience to this year's adoption of a completely new hybrid format combining the essence of physical and online components, Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2021 brings firm belief and endless hope for eight courageous and gorgeous young girls to realize their dreams at this dazzling annual spectacular event. This year's theme "Time to Embrace" symbolizes the aspiration of the world at large in 2021. It is time to emancipate from obstacles as a result of isolation and resolve the disputes caused by ignorance. You and I look forward to embracing each other again, harmonizing the world and integrating the Eastern and Western cultures.



The Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2021 contestants made their first appearance at the press conference today. Hosted by Mandy Chan, the press conference began by revealing this year’s emcees, the various awards, and the panel of judges. Afterwards, the eight confident finalists took the lead to introduce themselves onstage: No.1 Flora Trinh, the youngest among all with invincible youthfulness; No.2 Katherine Chen, diligent and full of passion; No.3 Yasmine Ross, Canadian born and raised in China, the best of the East and the West; No.4 Cindy Wu, the aesthetic dreamer who incorporates art into fashion design; No.5 Zora Han, the photographer who captures life through the lens; No.6 Katie Hung, the career woman of wisdom and beauty; No.7 Grace Wu, the special education teacher with a heart of innocence; and No.8 Carmen Cheung, the dancer who uses her skills as a bridge to communicate. The outstanding and elegant ladies will present the achievement of their great efforts on the highly anticipated grand stage. This year’s special guest, Richard Yuen shared a sneak preview of his performance at the final. To wrap up, the President of Fairchild Media Group, Mr. George Lee was invited on stage to deliver a speech. 



The press conference was streamed live on the Fairchild Television Facebook page and MCVPCanada's Instagram, attracting viewers worldwide to join in with the guests to appreciate the hard work and beauty manifested by the Miss Chinese finalists. With stunning makeup and a distinctive style, candidates were dressed in what seemingly appeared to be a western design but with Chinese details embroidered on each garment as a hint to reveal this year's “East meets West” theme. A touch of the same contrasting ideas will also be found on the set of the grand stage at the finale. As well, the three emcees this year, including the sophisticated and modest Fred Liu, the humorous Brian Chiu, and the young and charismatic Chris Yuen, will test the girls' wits by posing a series of fun rapid-fire questions at the final.

The organizing committee is honoured to invite the renowned music master and producer Mr. Richard Yuen as this year's special guest. Richard has created countless famous masterpieces in the music industry for decades. He has shortlisted a series of significant works throughout his music journey and rearranged the beautiful pieces with Western and Chinese instrumental elements to be delivered by himself together with young local artistes and musicians in an ensemble at the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2021.

The panel of judges this year comprises Dr. Dayan Huang from Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada certified specialist physician; Miss Hong Kong Maur Yeung; Management agent of famous Asian Hollywood actors Mr. Andrew Ooi; Winner of Hong Kong's Ten Outstanding Young Persons Selection, Mr. Matthew Lui; and multimedia specialist and early childhood educator, Miss Tracy Chen. The honourable judges will be responsible for selecting the champion and choosing the winners of various awards among the finalists.

In addition to the titles of the champion, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up, the organizing committee is proud to present the "Beauty Court Sparkling New Star Award," "Luk Fook Jewellery Miss Photogenic," "3 Fish Healthy Charm Award", "BakerWest Elegant Flair Award," "Brian Jessel BMW Outstanding Intelligence Award," and "Chloé Kerrisdale Instantaneous Attraction Award". The latest information and pageant updates are available on the Fairchild Television website www.fairchildtv.com and the official Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant social media platforms (Facebook / IG @MCVPCanada). On December 12th (Sunday) at 8:30pm on Fairchild TV1, we invite you to witness the birth of the Miss Chinese Vancouver 2021 champion.